📌Why You Poop 💩During Child Birth

◼️ Some women find pooping during birth normal and believe it’s just a natural process whilst others ( especially first time moms) find it quite embarrassing and uncomfortable

◼️ Pooping normally occurs in the latter part of the first stage or during the process of pushing (second stage)

📌 Why does it happen ;

  1. As the baby’s head descends through your pelvis, it presses on the colon and rectum and the pressure forces almost all the contents (feaces) out

Eg, if pressure is applied on a tube of toothpaste, the paste is forcefully squeezed out, that’s the same thing that happens with the baby’s head on your rectum

  1. The muscles involved in defecation are the same muscles involved in child birth.

◾️ During the active phase of first stage, you might have a strong urge to push prematurely, don’t be surprised if after examination your midwife tells you it’s just the head of your baby that is descending and 😂😊 that your cervix is not fully dilated yet

◼️Pooping during childbirth is a natural physiological process that is almost unavoidable



A healthy mother is a healthy baby 💝

Midwife Irene Writes


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