The Western Togoland separatist group has denied responsibility for an attack at the State Transport Company (STC) yard in Ho.

This comes after some persons suspected to be members of the secessionist group on Monday attacked the transport yard.

The attackers fired gunshots before proceeding to assault the driver of the bus and set one of the buses on fire during the attack.

 Police, in a statement, said a preliminary investigation uncovered a flag of the group which calls itself Western Togoland at the scene.

However, the group has taken to Facebook to express its displeasure in a lengthy post.

They argue their campaign for independence is without violence as they condemned the violence.

They added: “We are beginning to have the feeling that some elements probably in the political landscape and looking at the periods in which we are might be perpetrating violence to smear our peaceful campaign.”

This is the latest in the attacks after the group last Friday mounted roadblock at Akrade to prevent vehicular movement.

The group said to be wielding implements and sticks and chanting war songs mounted the roadblock around 2:00 am and turned away vehicles as they claimed ownership of the area.

Read the full post below:


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