General secretary for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Asiedu Nketia has made a comment that, NDC party is embarking on demonstration for the future of the country but not for Mahama to become President.

According to him, they will fight for a better democracy for the future since Jean Mensah has elect a President of her choice for the nation but not by the voters and if such attitudes is being entertained, a time will come where a President will be elect during printing of ballot papers and it will lead to the suffering of our forefathers who fought for the well being of the country.

He added to it that, despite their petition to the supreme court, they will still demonstrate since the government is not talking about those who lost their lives through the election so they will demonstrate until the right thing is done.

He mentioned again that, Ghana’s democracy has falling before the entire world under the leaders of Mrs Jean Mensah the Electoral Commission boss and Nana Addo Dankwa Akofu Addo.


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