On election night, we put 13 Trump and 12 Biden voters in a group chat to watch the results come in.

Biden voters went to sleep feeling fearful and resigned.

Trump supporters went to sleep feeling victorious. They flooded the group text with pictures from crowded watch parties and exchanged Instagram handles late into the night.

Gabriel (R - New York), Eliana (R - Florida) and Taylor (R - Texas) attend Republican election parties.
image captionGabriel (R – New York), Eliana (R – Florida) and Taylor (R – Texas) attend election night watch parties.

But then the US woke up to the news that Biden was leading in several key battleground states and the energy in the group changed.

Just woke up
Reminds me of Iowa.
History repeats intself.

And then a Biden supporter jumped in.

They're counting mail-in votes.

Republicans’ lack of trust in the electoral process – echoing the claims the president had made without providing evidence – led some Democrats to leave the group chat out of frustration.

Jessica left the chat

The fear that votes had suspiciously appeared for Biden overnight was further fuelled by President Trump’s tweet that “they are finding Biden votes all over the place – in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. So bad for our country!”

An argument broke out in the chat, and we decided to call individual voters instead.

There were strong views here too – so it’s worth checking out our live page for updates on legal challenges and disinformation spreading online. And we also have this fact check about voter fraud.


How did you feel waking up today?

I am filled with a sense of anticipation waiting for results that may take days. I’m also annoyed that in this day and age it takes so long for votes to be counted. Writing on pieces of paper is truly an antiquated system.

Are you worried the votes won’t be counted?

I think that not having results yet means they are counting the votes. I decided last minute to vote for Biden, a vote that will matter in Michigan, clearly. I’m glad I voted. The margin is so thin, every vote counts. I hope it goes in Biden’s direction. Fingers crossed!

Will you accept the results?

I have always accepted the results, and that won’t change. I will be disappointed, but life goes on. I will keep being involved and voting.


How did you feel waking up today?

I felt that the Democrats are trying to do what they told us they were going to do, which is not to concede to Trump under any circumstances.

Are you worried the votes won’t be counted?

Absolutely. I think there’s massive interference going on in Pennsylvania and Michigan, and it’s just a matter of whether we will even be able to prove that that was happening or whether people will even care.

Will you accept the result?

Do I think that Biden will win legitimately? No way. But I have to accept whatever happens and that’s fine. Even if Biden is president, we are currently in the middle of a culture war. It’s not a political war. It’s about values and philosophy. So it doesn’t matter very much if it’s Biden or Trump.


How did you feel waking up today?

I was nervous but political strategists have literally been telling us for weeks that it could be days before this race is called. The way I see it, this race is more of a marathon.

Are you worried the votes won’t be counted?

I’m worried a number of votes from heavily minority counties could be purged. Between Trump’s continuous assaults on the Postal Service, unfounded claims of voter fraud, and the fact that early mail-in ballots are more likely to be returned when mailed by a black person in North Carolina, I’m extremely concerned.

Will you accept the result?

I’ll accept the result though I feel there is a wealth of voter suppression tactics being used by the Trump administration. I have to admit, Trump has a lot of supporters in this country despite his lies and spreading of misinformation, which isn’t surprising given how he emboldens white supremacists.


How did you feel waking up today?

I felt really tired and I was surprised. I went into it thinking this was going to be a massive Biden win and it turned out Trump did rather well.

Are you worried the votes won’t be counted?

I have a bit of scepticism about the absentee ballot process, just because I don’t have a lot of faith in the Postal Service. I’m trying to refrain from falling into that trap of believing everything without any substantial evidence to back up the idea of shenanigans.

Will you accept the result?

Of course. That’s not even a question in my mind. It may be an unhappy result that I do not want to hear or see, but I will totally accept it and get behind it. Presidents come and go, but the nation remains.


How did you feel waking up today?

I felt worried waking up today despite the fact that Biden is winning. It’s so sad and scary to me that so many people want four more years of division and hate and cast a vote for Trump.

Are you worried the votes won’t be counted?

I’m not worried that the votes won’t be counted. I think that’s just a matter of being patient. If my candidate loses I’ll give myself some time to process my feelings and then get back to organising for Democrats as soon as possible.

Will you accept the result?

I will accept the results but am not confident that Trump supporters will accept the result if he loses.


How did you feel waking up today?

I was honestly fine until I saw what was happening in a few states.

Are you worried the votes won’t be counted?

Yes. Mail-in ballots weren’t necessarily to be trusted.

Will you accept the result?

If both sides have concluded their investigations, I will. You win some, you lose some, but it doesn’t give an excuse for anyone to act out, become violent and show poor character. I think people should take this in a civil manner.


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