The Youth Employment Agency (YEA) has started conducting interviews to recruit beneficiaries for the Community Protection Officers module which is in breach of the act that established the agency since core staffs of the agency were not involved in the interview process.
Under the able leadership of former president John Dramani Mahama, the agency was well structured, face-lifted to a fully fledged state institution. However, the current administration since assumption of office is trying every means possible to witch hunt core staff of the agency and lay them off with the perception that they are affiliated to the past government.

The agency embarked on a mass transfer exercise few months ago where core staffs were transferred to far distances as part of the restructuring programme the management claim they were doing. The development did not augur well for the affected staff who because due process was not adhered to went to court to seek redress and prayed the court to put an interlocutory injunction on the transfer and the high court granted their request.

The agency announced earlier this year that as part of the restructuring programme ongoing at the agency, over seventy thousand youth will be recruited to cut down the rate of unemployment in the Country.

However, beneficiaries of the programme who were recruited last year, 2016, have since the beginning of the year complained about the salary arrears the government owed them. According to them, they have not been paid for the past few months and the situation has brought untold hardship on the beneficiaries.

Snippets of information picked by Okwawu news indicate metropolitan, municipal, district directors were not included in the interview panel for the recruitment of new beneficiaries; a clear violation of Act 887 of the Youth Employment Act, 2015.

The Youth Employment Act, 2015, (Act 887) Clause 32 states that, “the interviewing panel for recruitment of YEA beneficiaries should comprise of the following:

• Representative of the metropolitan, municipal or district assemblies
• Representative of the user agency and
• The metropolitan, municipal or district directors and his or her supporting Staff.”

The current YEA management superintended by Mr. Justin Kodua, (the Ashanti Regional Youth Organizer of the NPP) acting regional directors who are suspected to be politically motivated circumvented the law by using contract “project assistants” who were recently appointed without due process to do the recruitment.

By: Nana Yaa Amanfo/


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