The Municipal Chief Executive for Suhum Margaret Darko Darkwa has gone ballistic on constituency executives and some party faithful of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Suhum describing them as “uncivilized sheep, ingrates and stupid”

The rage furor of the MCE was in reaction to a media report that a Pro -NPP youth group calling itself  Concerned Youth of Suhum in the Suhum Municipality of the Eastern region has appealed to  President Akufo-Addo not to reappoint Margaret Darko Darkwa as Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Suhum.

The statement issued by the youth group claimed that the MCE is incompetent and disrespectful creating divisions among the rank and file of the party and grassroots.

The livid MCE could be heard clearly in leaked WhatsApp audio in possession of purported to be a voice note sent on the party’s platform blasting the constituency executives and conveners of the youth group for being selfish and ungrateful.

He accused the Constituency chairman Frederick Ofosu of being the mastermind behind the group as a tactic to bring one Kwame Addo a vice Constituency chairman to replace her.

“Chairman Ofosu, I want to ask you another question. Are you not the one who told me Kwame Addo is using someone’s certificate to Work at TEMASSCO, this was when we were dealing with a school feeding program issue which Kwame Addo found out Kwame Addo has shared the contracts with his wife, children, and concubines. You are all selfish. All these people want to be MCE. Now you Kwabena Agyei, you said Kwame Addo is proficient in English, have you heard him speak English or written English before. The last time he was given a script he went through it three times yet couldn’t read well therefore a different person did it? Kwame Addo is illiterate than me. So don’t ever compare Kwame Addo to me. Kwame Addo is unmatched to me. He is illiterate “the MCE angrily said.

According to the MCE, the man being rooted for by some party executives to replace her is corrupt.

“Kwame Addo told my husband that, I (MCE) abhor corruption therefore I should be spoken to engage in corrupt acts so that you people get some monies to enjoy.

Kwame Addo, you can’t be MCE because you have falsified someone’s certificate. I decided not to respond to you (Executives) but that doesn’t mean you can do any stupidity and go free. I am not afraid of you. I can face you guys squarely you will run away from this town. What kind of stupidity is that? If you are a party executive or constituency executive and you want an MCE position, you have to lobby quietly but not inciting the youth against me. Kwabena Agyei when your financial support for your education I gave you GHc1000 from my pocket because the common fund was not ready. When you became stranded after an interview somewhere I sent you mobile money. You people ungrateful beings you must put a stop to that stupidity and nonsense you are doing out there.

I took you, people, as my children little did I know that you are uncivilized and uncultured like sheep.”

Listen to Audio Below;


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