The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Mpraeso Constituency in the Eastern Region is demanding the banana and ginger factories the NPP claims they have established in Kwahu South district.

“We have sighted a map and a document going around on social media assumed to be the location, where the factories have been built under the NPP government’s one district, one factory (1D1F) programme”.

The map clearly shows that a Banana factory has been built in Mpraeso Constituency. We hereby stated clearly without any equivocation that there is no such factory (Banana factory) in Mpraeso.

The Constituency Communication Officer, J.A Aziz who took that mantle upon himself said,” what the government has built is a signboard, showing a propose sight for a Rubber factory and with that, not even a foundation has been laid but rather, what appears to be a private land with a small number of abandoned cement blocks in a bushy environment.

Again, they have also been trumpeting that they have built a warehouse for the Banana farmers in the Mpraeso Constituency. This is another fallacy that needs to be treated with contempt.

They have also stated in their recently released by the one district one factory (1D1F) Secretariat that, they have established a factory called “Kwahu Nuts and Fruit Limited at Kwahu Atibie in the Kwahu South District, for the production and processing of ginger.

Mr. J.A Aziz, therefore, pleads with the good people of Ghana to disregard the purported map and treat it as a deliberate material prepared to deceived Ghanaians and putting an unexciting picture of successful government policy.

Watch a video showing the Non-existing factory and warehouse below.

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  1. From your statement, you said “proposed” factory. How can something that has been proposed be completed? Propaganda won’t win you election.


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