The NPP caucus of Parliament has called on the NDC caucus to respect the NPP as the Majority in Parliament.

Making references to previous parliament, the deputy NPP Deputy Leader, Alexander Affenyo Markins said, In the 5th Parliament, there were 230 seats. 116 seats were required for the formation of the Majority Caucus. Where the 2008 Parliament results returned the following:

NDC – 114
NPP – 107
PNC – 2
CPP – 1
IND – 4
Undeclared – 2

The NPP side agreed and respected the fact that, some of the minority Parties and Independent MPs had given indication that they will do business with the NDC side. As a result, during the inaugural sitting, the NDC sat on the right side and the their leadership led by Hon. A. S. K. Bagbin were recognized as the Majority Leadership. 3 of the Independents together with the lone CPP ranger of an MP would later choose to do business with the NPP group while one Independent MP and the 2 PNC MPs would opt for the NDC group. This brought the caucuses to look like:

Majority caucus : 117
Minority caucus: 111

Also, Asutifi South was later declared in favor of the NDC and after the rerun of the 6 polling stations in Akwatia the seat was declared for the NPP.

Is the NDC saying that, the NPP was wrong in 2009 in recognizing the majority caucus that the NDC formed together with one independent and the PNC MPs? They asked.


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