Hon. Inusah Fuseini - Tamale Central, MP

Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Hon Inusah Fuseini has described as “honorable” the move taken by the deputy minister of Agriculture, William Quaittoo to resign over the ethnocentric comment he made.

According to him, having taken the bold decision to step down as a minister is a sign to appease the people he offended and added it will serve as a lesson for other appointees as well.

Farmers in the Northern Region were said to be demanding compensation for the adverse impact the fall army worm disaster has had on their farms.

Speaking in an interview on an Accra based radio station on the impact of the army worms and concerns raised by the farmers on compensation; he described the people from the north as “difficult people.”

“If anybody in the north says his farm was destroyed by army worm, the person would have to come and prove it. As for our brothers (in the North), it is so difficult to deal with them. I lived there for 27 years; I speak Dagbani like a Dagomba and all that. They are very difficult people. Nobody can substantiate. We have no records of that. It’s just a way of taking money from the government: that’s what they do all the time…” he said.

The comment received a condemnation from the public especially the minority in parliament calling for his resignation.

Speaking in an interview with “Ghana Te Sen” on Okwawu FM, Hon. Fuseini who was the minister of Roads and Highway in the erstwhile administration said it is important to understand that though the minister’s resignation was based on the huge pressure mounted on him by the minority and the public but his decision to resign will earn him respect for listening to the voices of the people since many have done same but refused to resign. Without mincing words he bemoaned the rate at which some people in government always offend people with unsavory comments.

“Northerners were part of the people who elected NPP into office and pay taxes as well…what made the statement painful was the generalization that northerners are difficult, such comments lead to stereotyping and that brings discrimination which is against the constitution because the constitution says people should not be discriminated on the basis of religion, gender, ethnicity among others” he said.

By: Nana Yaa Amanfo/Okwawufm.com


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