The socio-political show “Mpu ne Mpu” host who doubled as the branch manager of the reigning radio station in the Eastern region Afram FM 103.3 MHz in the Kwahu Afram Plains South District specifically located in Kwahu Tease the District Capital has urged the authorities in charge of the amendment of the constitution to reconsider the use of EGGs from local hen and Schnapp to swear in government officials into office instead of the use of the Holy Bible.

Torgbui Gadeka on one of the hottest socio-political show in the Eastern region  ‘Mpu ne Mpu’’s segment named “Hot Issues” has expressed many worries about the attitude of some civil servants in the country which is affecting the country  Ghana negatively and as well the entire ordinary Ghanaians in our beloved country.

Torgbui Gadeka speaking on the show, further outlined that from the unit committee to the topmost hierarchy of the country’s management team has one way or the other practice unfaithfulness in their dealings. Some practices such as extorting of money from the ordinary Ghanaians in the name of offering a service or projects are the order of the day in some public servants.

He further added that some even go to the extent of sleeping with the female before offering them appointments that need not to be entertained as a country that called itself a Christian country.

“Moreover I need to state it clear that Ghana is not a Christian country as we use to say it but it is been blessed by God through the good deeds of our forefathers who worship God through their smaller gods. Our forefathers did not do what we are doing current even thou we consider them to be worshiping idols or smaller but let me tell you they are doing the will of God.

To add to that our forefathers were worshipping their gods before the white man came into the country to preach the message of God but let us not forget that when our forefathers want to pray, they usually make mention of the omnipresent and omnipotent God before mentioning the smaller gods which show that our forefathers knew God earlier before the white man arrival into the country”.

We should not deceive ourselves as Ghanaians that we are Christian country but we should not forget that we can only be saved by our customs, norms, and tradition as Ghanaians simple Torgbui Gadeka further added.

Torgbui Gadeka in his statement made it emphatically that, Ghana is at where it is now because of the saying that we are Christian country and the Akan adage that says “Onyakopon fa neboᴐa ᴐtunu ntƐm” this has instilled them (public servants) to practice otherwise of their promises when vying for position which he said has retired the progress of this country.

The socio-political show (Mpu ne Mpu) host and multiple award winner Torgbui Gadeka of Afram FM 103.3mhz has urged Ghanaians to support his idea of amending the constitution by swearing in government officials into various offices with Schnapp and local breed hen’s EGG instead of the Holy Bible to instill discipline and fear in them in all their endeavor to help accelerate the development of this our beloved country.

Once again let us save our country with our cherished customs, norms and traditions.


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