The founder and president of the Leader’s Light International Church, Apostle Samuel Dadzie has admonished Christians, particularly his colleague pastors to adhere and obey the president, H.E. Nana Addo Dnquah Akufo Addo’s eases on church gathering restrictions, believing that gradually, things will come back to normal sooner than later.

“I have learnt in my life to be obedient to the instructions of leaders. This is because as pastors, we often give similar instructions to our members, who are supposed to obey and comply whether they are suitable or not. Similarly, I am pleading with my fellow church leaders to adhere what the president has directed us to do in holding our church services in order to protect the lives of our flock. We are not in normal times and so let’s adjust ourselves to obey our president because things will be better soon”. He said.

The founding president of the church, made these remarks during an exclusive interview section with our news team at the church’s headquarter yesterday.

According to him, instruction has been issued through the church’s official communication mediums, directing all church leaders on what to do in putting the new protocols in place in order to adequately comply with the orders of the president.

“I have communicated some instructions to my leadership to put in place measures to comply with what the president has directed. The various protocols are not easy to deal with but once the president speak with authority, we will adjust to comply. We believe that, once we start, he will monitor and share our pain together. It is indeed not easy to preach with nose masks on but God will help us. For us here at the LLIC, we have procured sufficient Veronica buckets, medicated soaps, tissues, sanitizers, face masks and printed all kinds of information on the virus. We are only praying that the fear and panic will disappear, once we find a vaccine for it”. He added.

Apostle Samuel Dadzie further took the opportunity to advise Ghanaians, especially the youth to refrain from speaking ill against pastors and church leaders in this COVID-19 era because the entire nation cannot underestimate the contributions of the church in our nation building.

“Pastors are not calling for the reopening of churches because they are hungry instead, there is nothing men can do without God and his people. Imagine if churches decide to close their schools and health facilities in this country for a while, imagine churches decide not to keep their monies in banks to be given to businesses and individuals to run their economic activities, what do you think will happen in this country? I want to tell you that, pastors will be the last people to go hungry anywhere and anytime because of the special anointing giving us and so people must learn to respect people of God and be very careful what they say about us”. He added.

On the issues of politics, Apostle Samuel Dadzie advised the electoral commission to conduct its responsibilities in ways that will rather sustain the peace of the nation than suffocate the nation.

“I am not so much informed on the EC’s activities and stands currently but my little advise for them is to conduct their responsibilities in a way that will rather sustain our peace than that which can jeopardize our peace”. He noted.


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