The minority caucus in parliament has drawn attention about the collapse trend of the National Health Insurance Scheme due to delay payment the challenges which has become enormous such that almost all key stakeholders in the NHIS are financially bleeding and threatening to withdraw their services the stakeholders which includes Chamber of Pharmacy and Christian Health Association of Ghana ( CHAG).

Speaking at the press conference held in parliament today the ranking member on health Committee Hon. Kwabena Mintah Akando emphatically stated that the chamber of Pharmacy which provides pharmaceutical product and other medical consumable to healthcare providers under the NHIS have withdrawn their services and have indicate that any health facility owning them for more than 3month could no longer enjoy their services unless payment guarantees were provide to them.

Mr Akando who challenged the government that the government is much aware that they owe services providers for about 9 to 14 months which has caused the collapse of NHIS
He said the government should respect the NHIS Act 852, section 52(1) which states that” the minister responsible for finance shall within 30 days after the collection of the levy and paid directly into NHIS fund and the minister responsible for health shall provide evidence of payment.

In addition section 52 (2) of Act 852 also provides that the minister responsible for finance Shall present to Parliament every 6months a report on payment of levies into the NHIS fund . he said

In conclusion the minority demands that the Akuffo Addo’s lead government immediately redeem its obligation under the law and release funds to resuscitate the NHIS which is currently at the incentive care unit.


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