The National Disaster Management (NADMO) has said it breached no law for embarking on a mass transfer exercise of its staff across de country. The organisation says there is no laa in the country that bars an agency from transferring its staff to where their services are needed.
NADMO transferred all directors in the 216 districts this week to report to the regional head offices of the organisation where they have been transferred for reassignment. Some of the affected staff believe the action by management of the organisation was illegal since it took them unaware and also no transfer grant paid to facilitate their movement to their new posts.
The Ayensuano District Director of NADMO. Michael Kodua who has been transferred from the Eastern Region to the Volta Region speaking with Okwawu FM an Nkawkaw based radio station on Friday said the action was against the public service act because it appears the management of the organisation want to use the transfer to victimize them.
”I was only given a letter last Wednesday to report to our head office in Ho since my service is needed there… i was not given any transfer grant and it was not stated in the letter when it was going to be paid. We all acknowledge that as civil servants,we are bound to teansfer but whereby the action is used as a punishment makes it wrong and illegal. How can you send a substantive director to another district to be supervised by someone who does not even qualify,”he said.
However, the Deputy Director of NADMO, Abu Ramadan speaking on the issue thinks the organisation did no wrong because the exercise it is embarking on is for restructuring. He said as a civil servant, you have to always be on alert like a military officer since you can be sent at anytime to different places yo work.
”If they did not receive their letters on time, it is not our fault because the letters were sent from the headquarters to the regions for onward disyribution to the districts. They should be reminded that,grants are not paid as soon as one is transferred, it’s a process, we have not said we will not pay, it is being processed so they should manage the situation, that’s why they are disaster managers, as soon as their grants are paid, they replace it at where they took it from,” he said.

Story by: Kwame Ampomah


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