The Authorities of Ankaful Psychiatric Mental Hospital in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem Municipal of the Central Region will soon send home over 100 patients who are currently receiving treatment at the hospital due to heavy indebtedness to their creditors. According to the Acting Coordinator of the hospital Dr Emefa Dzide, the facility is burden with debts to its creditors to the tune of 3 million, explaining that the feeding of the patients at the ward is becoming a great burden to the hospital, adding that “even recently we have to put our resources together to buy meal for the patient because we are getting the funds from government” When asked if the authorities of the hospital brought this development to the attention of the government, Acting Coordinator answered in the affirmative, adding that “in January, government promised of releasing some money for us to sort out our debts, but as we speak there is nothing coming from government and our creditors are refusing to give us more, so the only option is we send the inmates home to their relatives”. Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital was built to serve Central, Western and Ashanti regions with 175-bed capacity. But the facility is not only under pressure due to the number of inmates but individuals and companies that the facility owes. Acting Coordinator of the hospital Dr. Emefa Dzide said they cannot continue to credit foods and consumables any longer, hence the decision to reduce the number, although she could not say exactly when this decision will take effect, only to say “in the coming days, we have to send about 100 of our inmate’s home” “We are tired of been chased by the creditors, in the coming days, about 100 if not all patients at the hospital will soon be sent home because we can’t afford to feed and take care of them” Dr stressed. Meanwhile, the Head of Communications of Ghana Mental Health Authority Kweku Brobbey in response said, he is aware government last week has released some money to be distributed to all mental health institutions but unable to tell the exact amount, adding that the debts of all mental health facilities put together is nothing short of 10 million Ghana Cedis. He explained that “we are unable to deliver quality services due to the insufficiency of funds. From” till now, all the debts of the facilities put together is almost 10 million Ghana cedis”


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