This month, when you look through your closet, you should pick the clothes that make you feel proud of who you are and where you come from. You should go for the clothes that tell a Ghanaian story of national pride and heritage. You should wear Ghana.

March is Wear Ghana Month, a month dedicated to celebrating and promoting Ghana’s cloth culture and heritage. National Commission on Culture and the Street Fashion Train are behind this laudable initiative that is encouraging Ghanaians to wear Made in Ghana clothes and other fashion accessories that are produced locally for both corporate and social functions.

Tumatu Kids, a made in Ghana children’s clothing line that designs fashionable and fun clothes to make children feel proud of being Ghanaian is excited to celebrate Wear Ghana Month.

The startup fashion brand strongly believes that there must be a deliberate effort to instill this national pride in the younger generation; teaching them to love and be proud of and own the heritage they have inherited.

Tumatu Kids encourages stakeholders including government, parents, schools, churches, mosques etc to initiates child specific activities that give children opportunities to celebrate the month in their own way.

Some activities that can be used to engage children in the “Wear Ghana Month” include sparking conversations at their level with debates, introducing a Wear Ghana to school , church or mosque day, Organizing African print fashions shows with designs made by children, essay and story writing, competitions on painting images that depict pride of wearing Ghana among others.


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