The government is set to submit the final draft of the national security policy to parliament by the end of this year to pass it into an act.

Speaking on the floor of parliament, the minister responsible for national security Hon. Kan- Dapaah revealed that, in October, 2017, the ministry set up a technical working group to initiate the process of drafting the national security policy with several consultations with various ministries and the state department over the period and they have now come out with a draft detailed national security policy document.

The minister indicates that the policy document will not be submitted to the house as a Bill to be passed into an Act of parliament, the consultation with parliament will, therefore, be limited to discussions with the select committee responsible for national security and the leadership of the house.

This statement was made on the floor of parliament today when Mr. James Agalga mp for Busilsa North filed a question that whether the ministry has plans to introduce a national security policy before parliament for consideration.

Story file by Parliamentary Correspondent


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