Members of pro-government vigilante group Invincible Forces have threatened mayhem against the Akufo-Addo government and its appointees if they are not immediately employed.

“We mobilised ourselves to come and greet you and he promised us that there are certain jobs on the way coming, we exchanged numbers with those supposed to employ us, I’ve been calling them for almost two months now, nobody is ready to answer my calls and we are the soldiers and we’ll still be the soldiers.

“Please, we want to tell our people: if they will not give us work to do, what happened at Kumasi, the same thing will happen to them because we are even ashamed.

“Some of us are walking on the side and they are laughing at us. Is that how the party is supposed to treat us?” the leader of the group shouted to his members amidst chants of “Invincible! Commandos!” when they stormed a town hall meeting that the Information Ministry put together in Tema.

The group’s reference to Kumasi is in relation to an incident where its sister vigilante group Delta Force stormed the office of the Regional Coordinating Council and dragged the president’s security liaison out, an incident that led to the arrest of 13 of their members who have been standing trial.

The same Delta Force group later stormed the court that was hearing the matter and freed their 13 colleagues. Eight of them were subsequently arrested and also put before court.


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