Mr. Kwame Osei Dankwa, Nkawkaw Constituency NPP Chairman

The New Patriotic Party(NPP) constituency chairman for Nkawkaw, Mr. Kwame Osei Danquah has appealed to executives and members of the party to remain calm and not allow the upcoming parliamentary primaries divide and create enmity amongst them.

“What I can say for now is that, we are one family and so we should all remain calm and not allow the primaries to divide us. As I sit here, I have been tagged of belonging to camp of certain candidates but that is not my problem, knowing very well what the party’s constitution enjoins me to do as chairman. Even though I will also have the opportunity to vote for who ever candidate I like, I will not declare support for anyone now”. He said.

The party chairman made these remarks in an exclusive interview with our news team yesterday in his private abode.

According to him, he and other executives are supposed to work as a team in managing the affairs of the party in the constituency but some of them have decided to declare their support to a single candidate but he will not be batted to follow such an act because he believes that all those executives have copies of the party’s constitution, and yet have taken such a step.

“It is not for me to state whether what they have flout the party’s constitution or not. They all have copies of the constitution and can read and write so let it all grow together until the day of elections. For me, I will not declare support for anyone, even though I will also cast my vote because the party’s interest is my focus. If you go declaring your support to one candidate and that brings cracks into the party, how can you go again to them to rally support for the party during the general elections? “. He added.

Mr. Osei Kwame Danquah however appealed to all party members to remain calm and focus on working to ensure victory for the NPP in the upcoming general elections.

On the issue of fighting the coronavirus pandemic, the party chairman indicated that government is doing all it can to protect the citizenry by outlining several protocols, targeted at helping reduce the rate of infections on citizens and therefore the people must also respect and abide by them thus, wash and sanitize our hands frequently, wear the face masks, adhere the social distancing and if possible stay home when necessary.

“The virus is such that if you contract it, you could infect up to a hundred persons or more, especially members of your family. That is why the government is doing all it can to help. One thing I wish could be done is for the government to revisit the public film shows practiced in the past, where projectors are placed on public parks to show to people how the pandemic has killed many people in other countries, in order to caution citizens on the need to take the preventive measures seriously and protect themselves from being infected”. He added.

He has however called on all citizens to support and pray for the government to be able to help bring an end to the COVID-19 global pandemic.


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