The socio-political show “Mpu ne Mpu” host of the reigning radio station in the Eastern region Afram fm 103.3 MHz in the Kwahu Afram Plains south District specifically located in Kwahu Tease the District Capital has come across some bad practices been exhibited by the contractor whose mandate is to install energy meter’s to customers under the SHEP projects in the Eastern region of Ghana.

A letter dated 5th December, 2019 via the Regional Manager of Electricity Company of Ghana Eastern Region Koforidua in the name of the Ministry of Energy has stated clearly the released of tested energy meters for installation in the Afram Plains south District of the Eastern region but the story is different on the ground where the people in- charge to execute such assignment are extorting money from the poor people in the Ekye-Amanfrom town and its environs.

Some of the Victims whom they have extorted money from Speaking with Torgbui Gadeka on the reigning socio-political show ‘Mpu ne Mpu’; further outline that from the beginning of the project, they were ask to pay Ten (GHC10.00) cedis each as registration in which they did but the unit committee members and the Assembly members again asked them to pay another seventy Ghana cedis (GH¢70.00) which has no reason for it collection.

They added that we are surprised to again been asked to pay extra Thirty Ghana cedis (GH¢30.00) which they have reduced to Fifteen Ghana cedis (GH¢15.00) per head for the energy meters installation by the unit committee and Assembly members.

Torgbui Gadeka finding the reason behind the collection of such huge sum of money from the poor people in the name of SHEP project by Government to the good people of Afram –Plains and its environs has revealed that such amount of money collected from the people has no document to prove its collection and its intended purposes.

“The victims speaking with Torgbui Gadeka expressed their worries about such act by the contractor and their leaders in the town and thereby calling on the Regional Manager of ECG and the Energy Minister and as well the constituency leaders of NPP; the current ruling party to act on such dubious act of some people that did not speak well of current government in terms of corruption”.

“We want the leaders in NPP both constituency, Regional  and National to act as professionals and to show us that they are clean in terms of corruption  the victims further added while speaking with Torgbui Gadeka”.

The socio-political show (Mpu ne Mpu) host and multiple award winner Torgbui Gadeka of Afram fm 103.3mhz can say and prove that there are a lot of money collected from the people in the name of the SHEP projects aside those that have been paid to the them previously while speaking with the Assembly members and some Elders in the Ekye –Amanfrom town with no documents to prove it collection and the purpose for which it has been used for.


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