Detective Corporal Gifty Asare Brenya, wife of Nana Darkwah, a.k.a. ‘The Soldier’ morning show host of Nkawkaw based Obourba FM, is calling on the Inspector General of Police, Mr. James Oppong Buenu and the police hierarchy, including the Eastern Regional Minister, Hon. Eric Kwakye Darfour and Hon. Lawyer Yaw Owusu Addo, MCE for Nkawkaw to urgently intervene to ensure due diligence in investigation and prosecution of an assassination attempt on them.

According to Mrs. Gifty Asare Brenya, a Detective Corporal at the Nkawkaw Police Divisional Headquarters (DOVVSU) division and wife of the radio presenter narrating the incident to our source said, on Friday 17th January, 2020 she left six of their children at home to prepare themselves for an upcoming exams ahead of them in school in the coming week whiles she went for duty.
On the way, she spotted a little girl who has given her name as Akosua Fosua Elizabeth and 13 years of age. After engaging her suspiciously, she was convinced that the girl could be a bad girl, a suggestion which was later confirmed by her driver.
At around 5:01 pm, whiles she was still at the office, she received a phone call from a resident of their area on Antwi, who informed her that, one of her children came to his drug store with speed and panting that some armed men on masks and a girl had come in forcibly entered their room and demanded that the children reveal where their parents were or they will kill them.
In the course of the threats and harassments on the children, the six years old daughter hit the gun pointed at her by the masked person and told him never to attempt shooting because when they saw them force themselves to enter the room, they called the police, asking him in addition if he didn’t know that their mother was a police officer? a comment our sources say was confirmed by the 14 years old Elizabeth who accompanied the gunmen into the premises after she had gone there to play with the victim’s children just after she drove off on the 17 January when she met her and suspected her character.
According to the officer, she, later on, put professional measures in place and apprehended Akosua Fosuah Elizabeth who later confirmed to the police that the masked armed men gave her an amount to show them her residence which she did. Meanwhile, she has currently assisted in the arrest of two other suspects including herself who has also been identified by her children.
Now the matter is in the police station and has been processed for court. On the first court proceedings on the case at Abetifi District Court on 21st January, 2020, the prosecutor read abetment of crime, unlawful entry and house detention as charges against them which I highly disagree to because the actions of the gunmen in mask who broke into my home armed, threatening my children to kill them if they do not show my hideout and have also been identified by my children should be rather first and second-degree felony cases and not what was earlier read.
“I am by this pleading with the IGP to step into this matter and ensure proper justice to this matter for the safety of her family.
The information available to me from the town suggest that the role my husband, Nana Darkwah ‘The Soldier’ played on air about some illegal galamsey operations that resulted in an emergency community tour on the state of galamsey impact within the Kwahu ridge by the Eastern Regional Minister and MP for Nkawkaw, Hon. Eric Kwakye Darfour and the Regional Security council could be part of the reasons for the assassination.
We also know that should this attempt have succeeded, my mortal remains will be promoted for my service to the state, but I am saying to the IGP and Attorney General to take an immediate interest in this matter and not wait to promote I am gone with my family”, She said.

Take a listen to audio from Detective Corporal Gifty Asare Brenya, wife of Nana Darkwah, a.k.a ‘The Soldier’, Morning show host, Nkawkaw based Obourba FM


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