It saddens my heart to see that as the number of Covid19 cases increases in the country,the leaders and people of Kwahu Afram Plains seems to careless about the pandemic.

I happened to visit Ekye Amanfrom today and what I saw and experienced was nothing to write home about. Hmmmmm

Starting from the check point, where individuals are supposed to pay for their tickets before boarding the ferry, I was shocked to see people crowded for the tickets ignoring the principle of social distancing. I was expecting the in charge (sales of tickets) to asked the passengers to observe the principle of social distancing, but I got disappointed. Nobody seemed to care.

I was later heart broken when I stood by two Veronica buckets placed within the yard purposely for passengers to wash their hands, only to see people passed by without washing their hands. I felt bad within and all I said was the doom is here. I decided to take a short video of the incident (for evidence sake) and was surprise to note that out of almost 30-50 people who passed, only three cared to wash their hands. They even did so because they saw me with my camera taking video shot of the incident (they told me in an interview).

It got worst when I realised that, people entering the district were not checked or asked to at least wash their hands under running water before continuing their journey into the district. Hmmmmm

My questions;

  1. Are we providing the veronica buckets for providing sake or we want the people to make use of it?
  2. As individuals, do we need to be told to practice the safety precautions before we do?
  3. Who supervises and makes sure that the travellers wash their hands before living and entering the district?
  4. How safe are we, now that the lockdown has been lifted and number of recorded cases are increasing?
    We should not forget, natives and foreigners are all trooping into the district after the lockdown was lifted some few days ago.

I fear for the future of Afram Plains if a single positive Covid19 case is recorded. Let’s all join the fight and practice the safety precautions.







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