The Information Director for the Kwahu Afram Plains North District Assembly, Mr. Nii Armah has disclosed that the Assembly will do all it can to ensure social distancing at the Donkorkrom Market.

He said this in an interview with after the team observed that the market was flooded, disregarding the principle of social distancing amidst the Covid19 outbreak.

“The Assembly through the assistance of the Ghana Police Service in the District is mapping up plans to ensure that social distancing is being observed in the market. It is rather unfortunate that, the market women seems careless about the pandemic” he disclosed.

He further disclosed that, the initial idea was to divide the market women into two teams.

“We actually planned of dividing the market women into two teams. The first team will comprise of store owners in the market. This team will maintain their position in the old market. The second team will comprise of Batter traders, maize sellers and yam sellers among others. This team would be moved down to the new yam market square. This will reduce the number of people who will pile up in the main market” he added.

Asked about why the plan could not materialised, he blamed it on misinformation.

“We informed the leaders of the market women about the plan two weeks ago,we also made the necessary announcements. The problem came because, the people were misinformed. What happened was, whenever those outside Donkorkrom comes around, they are being told by the drivers to all move to the new yam market regardless of the fact that, it is not all the market women who are supposed to be there” he told the team.

As it stands now, the main market has been rendered empty with the store owners pleading with the Assembly to do all they can to restore the market since buying and selling in the main market has come to a halt.


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