I observed with heavy heart as market women troop into the yam market square right opposite the RAPfm studio on Thursday morning. All were indications that, if a single Covid19 case is recorded in the Kwahu Afram Plains North District, it will spread more than the wildest bush fire.

Since the outbreak of the Covid19, various stakeholders have taken necessary steps to combat its spread. The Kwahu Afram Plains North District Assembly was no exception. The steps taken were all geared towards the prevention of the spread of Covid19 in the District. The latest among these measures is the separation of market women in the Donkorkrom market to aid social distancing.

The District Assembly through the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) and the District Information Department played their role in dessiminating the information to people within the Donkorkrom township. The people within Donkorkrom were pre-informed through the various information centres within the town.

A visit to the market showed that the main market was virtually empty. Majority of the market women present were seen sitting sad since there was no form of buying or selling.

Most of the market women expressed how sad they were about the whole issue. I felt their pain, knowing how difficult it is to make ends meet during this time of the year.

In as much as we are planning on fighting against Covid19, I suggest we do it diligently to avoid causing more harm than good.

A picture circulating on Social Media, comparing the Donkorkrom Market to that of Takoradi shows clearly that, Afram Plains North District Assembly is joking with the fight against Covid19.

My concerns;

  1. How was the separation of the market women planned?
  2. Were leaders of the Market Women involved? (Since the Assembly is claiming the market women did not obey the instructions given them)
  3. Who was supposed to supervise where the various market women were suppose to be? (I learnt there was a miscommunication somewhere)
  4. What actions have the Assembly taken so far? (I saw the DCE living the market that morning very furious and angry)
  5. What should we expect next week? (I learnt the Assembly is planning to use the police force to enforce the law)

My suggestions;

  1. The Assembly, through NCCE, Information Department, Radio Afram Plains (RAP 107.7) and Information Centres should start educating the market women from now on who goes where.
  2. Leaders of the Market Women should be involved in a meeting to explain to them, how the whole market is intended to operate.
  3. The District Assembly should not wait till Wednesday morning to make announcements. They should start now.
  4. Demarcations should be done at the Yam Market Square. This will help the market women know where to place their goods.
  5. Shelter (tents) should be provided at the Yam Market Square since the place is an opened area and the sun has been at its best offlate.

I believe in the leaders of the Kwahu Afram Plains North District Assembly to deliver the best for the people. We hope all goes well with us in this fight against the common enemy, Covid19.





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