Mr. Peter Boadu, treasurer, Nkawkaw Cooperative Union

The treasure at the Nkawkaw community cooperative union, Mr. Peter Boadu, has told journalists that, the his outfit will not in anyway deny or suspend loans to their customers due to the effect of the recent coronavirus pandemic. He has also reiterated that every customer of the credit union is an automatic member of the financial institution and for that matter, the union has no plan and will not make any such plan to refuse customers access to loans.

“Indeed, the effect of the novel COVID-19 pandemic is a global one and has affected us also in many ways but that is not what will make us deny our valued members opportunities to loans. In our bank, every customer is a member of the union and has stakes in everything we do, hence our slogan that says, cooperative union is a happy family. Therefore we have no plans to deny customers any opportunity of that sort, knowing that, as the proverb goes, we leave our finger nails to grow because our bodies will itch”. He said.

The treasurer made these remarks during an exclusive interview with journalists in Nkawkaw on how the cooperative union as an institution is enforcing the COVID-19 WHO and government of Ghana preventive protocols.

He also stated that, all the bank needs to do, is to examine how faithful a customer is with the union, by way of accessing his or her deposits, savings and loyalty with their share and then management will go ahead and give the customer financial council on proper management of loans, after which the customer will be given whatever loan amount he or she requires.

“It should be emphasized that, the cooperative union has been of tremendous help to member customers, enabling them to be able to save, buy properties, educate their children and many other opportunities, even including a home penny box susu product that helps customers save every little coin on them. Therefore I want to by this opportunity, encourage members to focus on buying the shares because that is the only sure way of strengthens their membership stands”. He added.

He finally added his voice to advice all customers to wear their face mask, wash their hands regularly, sanitize, practice social distancing and if necessary, stay home.


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