Just as every good teacher wish his student success, so does Sammi Awuku couldn’t hide his desire to see his deputy Dominic Eduah succeeding him as the National Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party.

“I was successful because I had two competent deputies” – Sammi Awuku.”

This was an indirect endorsement from Supremo to his deputy who is contesting to wear the current shoes which Sammi is wearing.

Sammi Awuku is known to be an effort rewarding leader and for that matter, under no circumstance is he going to turn his back to the very person he has nurtured in politics.

Sammi is loved for his openhearted, humility and hardworking.

Considering the natural features of the Supremo, there is no way that Sammi will dump his affable and a hardworking deputy.

Picture speaks louder than words. The heart can keep secrets but it can never hide emotions.

The Victory of Dominic Eduah will be a political plus on the political achievements of Commander General – Sammi Awuku.

The Job was on grounds in 2016 and it shall remain on the grounds coming 2020.

Even though Mr. Sammi Awuku gave a disclaimer to others but seems to be comfortable with this one.

Source: Peacefmonline


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