A sizable number of young men and women in the Western North Region have bared their teeth to the flagbearer of the opposition NDC, John Mahama.

The concerned group members demonstrated on the streets of Juaboso holding placards with questions and demands on the Airbus scandal.

The group members were asking the former president to break his silence on the matter since his name features prominently in the debacle.

Some of the placards read; Are you Government Official 1? JM, why the long silence on the Airbus scandal? JM and corruption are identical twins, Who is Intermediary 5, among other messages.

The group, upon learning about Mr John Mahama touring the region, used the occasion to demand answers from the then President whose name appears to be the focal point in the Airbus saga.

Airbus admitted to UK, US and France courts of having paid kickbacks to Intermediary 5, Mr. John Mahama’s brother, Samuel Mahama who, it’s believed, was the go-between Airbus and John Dramani Mahama in that dastardly scandalous kickback story from the European aerospace giant, Airbus.

The NDC’s flagbearer Mr. John Mahama has remained tight lipped ever since the Airbus scandal hit town. The Office of the Special Prosecutor has since launched investigations into the scandal that has damaged Ghana’s international reputation.

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