Groupe Nduom, a multinational company, has announced plans to open a Groupe Nduom (GN) Liaison Office in Washington DC, United States of America.

President and Chairman of GN, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, made this known while speaking at Ghana’s 61st Independence Anniversary Dinner in Washington DC, USA, at the weekend.

The anniversary dinner was organised by the Council of Ghanaian Associations (COGA) of the Washington Metro Area.

According to Dr Nduom, “by the end of this month [March 2018], we [GN] will open a Groupe Nduom Liaison Office in this Metro Area, specifically 5509 Vine Street, Alexandria.”

The move, he explained, will, among other things, help promote products and services offered by GN in West Africa.

Dr Nduom recounted how his group, in April 2016, acquired what he described as a “small bank on the South side of Chicago called ISF Bank.”

“We are about to introduce a product, PayGlobal, in partnership with ISF Bank, so that you can open an account with the bank and feed your PayGlobal Digital wallet with funds.”

This, Dr. Nduom said, will make it possible for Ghanaians in Washington DC to send money directly to Ghana from an ISF bank account using the PayGlobal app.

He went on to give the assurance that this will happen before June this year, adding that “When you patronise PayGlobal, you will help Ghana earn foreign currency because we will use it to support local businesses in Ghana.”

He said Groupe Nduom celebrates merit, explaining that it is because of this that “we chose “Beyond Excellence” as our slogan.”

He gave a brief history of how Groupe Nduom started.

Groupe Nduom he disclosed, was started in the USA in the 1980s, and now actively operates in all the ten regions of Ghana.

He added that the company employs over 6,000 people in Ghana.

“We now operate across West Africa, in the UK and in the USA. We have learnt that we cannot be like anyone else in Ghana. Indeed, we cannot blend in and become one with our sometimes dysfunctional Ghanaian environment. We must go beyond excellence, be different, to remain competitive,” Dr Nduom said.

Dr Nduom donated an undisclosed amount of money on behalf of Groupe Nduom to support a fund raising by COGA towards a health and education project in Ghana.

He also seized the opportunity to inform members of COGA, Washington DC, that Groupe Nduom has a Foundation, which gives scholarships every year to ten boys and ten girls, sponsoring them from high school to any university of their choice in Ghana.

Dr Nduom advised Ghanaians in the USA against being tempted to fall into the “partisan politics trap.”

In his view one cannot be a successful business person or professional in America “if your claim to your position is that you belong to a certain political party.”

He lamented that Ghana was suffering today in part “because many want the easy political solution to solve problems that confront them.”
“We all know the situation in Ghana 61 years after independence. Unreliable health care, very high unemployment, poor sanitation, underdeveloped infrastructure among many other problems create conditions for a low quality of life for most of our people,” Dr Nduom bemoaned.

He, therefore, urged Ghanaians to move beyond partisan politics and unite as one people to find solutions desperately needed back home.
He commended COGA executives and members for keeping Ghanaian customs and culture alive in the Washington Metropolitan area


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