Oliver Kevor Writes:

We have been jubilating at a rare history. The John Mahama’s NDC sponsored candidate won over Akufo-Addo’s sponsored Candidate for the Speaker of Parliament. This is the first in the 4th Republic, having selected for the 8th time, when the Speaker of Parliament and the President belong to different parties, without prejudice to the petition at the Supreme Court.

The value such an architecture delivers to our democracy cannot be loss on us and espousing that may drown the equally important dimension I intend to highlight in this write up.

First of all, we must not pretend that it was an easy achievement. We can only appreciate what happened on the floor of parliament, telecasted to us for at most 14 hours. We have not brought our minds to the days and hours before our valorous MPs dressed in white entered the August house, since they were voted and declared winners after the December 7th general elections. Let us not pretend that they were all insulated from pressures from all corners, of which some of our gallant new MPs were experiencing for the first time. I can imagine the physical, monetary and cognitive pressures these defenders of democracy had to endure to deliver us such a new year gift. All these sacrifices must not be lost on us. Let us not pretend, that there were no options available to them. They simply chose to do what will advance the cause of the NDC and extend the boundaries of our democracy a little further.

Consequently, we have congratulated them and praised them with the kindest words available. Our leader and Flagbearer, His Excellency the President John Mahama, on whose back this record has been made has shown gratitude to our MPs. What else can we do to recognize this collective sacrifices. I believe all of us, as members or supporters, must begin to think, how much sacrifice we can give back to these gallant 8th MPs. Along the way, the pressures from the NPP will continue and they would be called upon to survive it.

Can we all agree, for example, to make their reelection easy for them whilst we concentrate on flipping other blue seats?

Whilst this may be controversial or some may believe, this may be an early call, it is important we dont lose sight of this rare sacrifice as the euphoria dries with time. For example, a lot of us may have Parliamentary ambitions or may be interested in supporting candidates in one of these constituencies. Our Sacrifices may be suspending such ambitions whilst allowing our gallant MPs to concentrate on this new, uncertain emerging roles they are expected to play without looking back to feel insecure.

The events of 7th January should teach all of us that, we may have to fall on our personal sacrifices at times to deliver collective outcomes.
Congratulations to our men of honor!!

KEVOR, Mark-Oliver
Former E/R Secretary
Asokore Dabiasem


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