The Atiwa East deserves better, a group in the Atiwa East Constituency has pledged its support and ready to pick the Parliamentary Nomination Forms for the former Presiding Member for the Atiwa East District Hon. Ernest Adade Wiredu to contest the upcoming parliamentary primaries of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).
The group is ready with the ¢2000.00 for the picking of forms, the ¢20,000.00 filing fees and the ¢30,000.00 development fund as stated in the NPP publication on upcoming parliamentary primaries.

Speaking on why the group decided to purchase the form on behalf of the former presiding member, the convenor of the group said his experience, exposure, and human relationship is so fantastic. He has served his people so well as an assemblyman for 8years (Asamang Tamfoe electoral area) continuously, 6 years as a presiding member both in Atiwa East & West.
This has made him a well-baked politician with maximum confidence and flair to lead the constituency to a better future.

Hon. Ernest Adade Wiredu has supported the party and assisted a larger number of the constituents in diverse ways in the Atiwa East constituency.
He is kind and friendly at all times and this has made him stand tall among the other aspirants.

He is well-groomed and positioned to move Atiwa East constituency forward.
To this end, we have agreed to support him to win the primaries.


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