The Afigya Kwabre South Constituency Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Odeneho Kwaku Appiah has called on political parties and civil society organisations to brainstorm for electoral reforms to cause a paradigm shift in political affairs at the local level.

The reforms to him would help avert internal political bickering, feud and hiccups that in one way or the other retard progress of political parties in the country.

More so, the reforms to him would nip in the bud court cases and dispute settlements within political parties.

He made the call for reforms last Sunday during Thanksgiving Service the NPP held at Kodie Methodist in the Ashanti Region for the newly elected polling station and the constituency executives of the constituency.

There are 126 polling stations and 28 electoral areas in the Afigya Kwabre South Constituency.

The constituency chairman noted that most times, political parties had to spend several months settling disputes among party members that arise from misunderstandings during electioneering campaigns.

He cited election campaigns within the constituency as example to buttress his point, saying that his party has to preach peace among feuding members after election.

Some internally unresolved cases to him had to end up in the law courts all because of internal political tensions which could have been prevented though.


He however, proposed that political parties, particularly, the NPP begin to scrap the election of polling station executives and replace it by appointment.

For the election of constituency executives too, he proposed that with exception of chairman and secretary, the remaining positions should all be by appointment.


The Chairman used the thanksgiving service as occasion to swear in members of both the Disciplinary and Finance Committee members for the Constituency.

He also officially introduced patrons and council of elders of the party of the constituency to party members.

MP on election 2020
The Member of Parliament for the constituency, William Owuraku Aidoo congratulated the newly elected constituency party officers including the new polling station executives, the committee members, the patrons and the council of elders for their new positions.

Also Deputy Minister of Energy, he charged them to begin effective campaign ahead of the 2020 general election for yet another victory for the NPP.

The costituency, after the Thanksgiving Service held refreshment party for all newly leaders and delegates at Brokrong near Afrancho.

PICTURE: Chairman Odeneho Kwaku Appiah speaking during the Thanksgiving Service at Kodie Methodist Church


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