The fate of children in five communities in the Afram Plains South district of the Eastern Region is in despair as an abandoned Basic school block in Alezuma has forced pupils to study under trees.

The school which is 10km away from Maamekrobo serves the basic education needs of towns such as Abotan, Apapa, Kakakui and Tuwuhufo. The School which has a population of 100 and a teaching staff of 4, was started by the former MP of the area, Mr. Joseph Appiah Boateng in 2014.

The project which would have brought some relief to the people of Alezuma and its neighboring towns was halted due to poor structural engineering work and the school block has since been abandoned.

The school which has pupils from kindergarten to Primary 6 currently has no structure serving as classrooms and pupils together with their teachers take shade under trees for teaching and learning activities.

Residents of the town say efforts to contact the assembly to help the situation have proved futile. They add that the development has resulted in a lot of absenteeism during rainy season. Same story is told when the sun is up as Pupils together with their teachers have to abandon classes and take cover. They further stated that in most cases, school in Alezuma close before 12pm to avoid the scorching sun. The situation in Alezuma compounds predicaments of teachers each day as they are left with no option than to commute from Maamekrobo to school.

The headmaster of the school, Mr. Elijah Fordjour describes the situation as terrible, further stating that the situation is a challenge that has an enormous affect on teaching and learning.

According to him the district education unit only supplies teaching and learning material sometimes but little is done to help the school get a decent classroom block. Residents of the community are however appealing for support to put up a new or rectify the defect in the old structure.



Credit: Ernest Senanu Dovlo 


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